• Shed Light on the Best Things in Life.

    Bring beautiful, natural light into your home with Solatube's innovative tubular skylight technology. And convert dark spaces into places you love.

  • Brilliant Technology

    Maximize Light Capture with Raybender® 3000 Technology and the LightTracker™ Reflector. Our innovative daylight-catching dome and integrated reflector combine to bring in an amazing amount of light from any angle, throughout the day and the year.

  • Spectralight® Infinity Tubing Transfers Light Through the System.

    Captured light moves through tubing made of the world’s most reflective material, maintaining incredible brightness, even around corners.

  • Integrated Solar-Electric Technology.

    Generates and stores energy to power the new smart NightLight.

  • Decorative Fixtures Deliver It Beautifully.

    Gorgeous, diffused natural light is delivered through stylish fixtures for maximum visual comfort and aesthetics, with options for brightening, dimming, ventilation and even intelligent nighttime lighting.

Smart Decisions Deserve credit

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Solatube. It's Easy...

On the Eyes

Not only do Solatube Daylighting Systems beautify everything under them, but they literally help you see everything more clearly. And, of course, the handsome fixtures are easy on the eyes too.

On the Wallet

Installing Solatube Systems is a whole lot less expensive than installing skylights, especially with a tax credit. You also get brighter, more colorful rooms that cost nothing to light during the day.

To Have Installation

For fast, worry-free installation, you want the experts to get it done right. Solatube's Premier Dealers do it all in just a couple of hours, with no structural changes to your home.